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Release Notification: MASS Version 4.1 addresses some existing bugs and is available today at no extra cost

Download and install MASS Version 4.1 today

National Masonry Design Programs, NMDP, is proud to announce the official release of MASS Version 4.1, which addresses some important software bugs, as well as accepts serial numbers from the newly redesigned MASS website.

Please note that it is recommended to first uninstall Version 4.0 before replacing it with the newer version. This will not remove your activation status so if your existing Version 4.0 is activated, Version 4.1 will continue to be activated when you first run it as well.

This video briefly runs through the major changes in the new release. A full change log can be found in the software’s help files, available here.

New supported license type to simplify renewal process

As announced in the article covering the main changes on the new MASS software website, serial numbers have changed. Although they do look and behave very similarly to the older ones you might be accustomed to, the new format and encoding allows for them to automatically track with the website account status, meaning that you will no longer have to update each installed copy of MASS with a brand new serial number each year in order for the engineers to continue designing. Simply keep your license subscription active and your users can continue to use MASS.

How to Install Version 4.1

Please note once again that it is recommended to first remove any previously installed versions of MASS.

Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to MASS Technical Support if you have any questions at all. We are here to help!

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