Explaining when you can move a MASS License from one machine to another and how that process works

Moving a software license from one computer to another prior to 2021 was a manual and time intensive process which required that the end user contact MASS support and request to have their license moved to a new computer after confirming that the license had been removed from the old machine or was otherwise inaccessible in cases of damage, failure, or theft.

Policy Summary

MASS Licenses can be transferred to a new computer no more than once within a one year period. If there is need to transfer the license again, the request must be submitted to MASS support with additional information and may be denied

If any apparent interpretation difference or contradiction is found between this summary and the official License Transfer Policy or End User License Agreement, the License Transfer Policy or EULA shall apply.

There is now a process built into MASS to help facilitate the easy transfer from one computer to another.

With new automated self-serve options available for handling license transfer requests, an explicit, user facing transfer policy has been drafted and disclosed for each MASS software license purchase or renewal.

This policy outlines the allowable cases for users to transfer an active license from one computer to another.

Please keep in mind that the overall purpose behind implementing this policy  was to open up the option for users to be able to migrate their license on their own, without having to wait for a response and exchange with MASS support staff. The aim is to make this process easier without facilitating the sharing of individual licenses different practising engineers for the purpose of reducing licensing fees.

MASS Software License Transfer Policy

This policy outlines when a MASS software license can be transferred from one computer to another.

Licenses, as formally defined in the End User License Agreement, can be transferred by the end user no more than once within a time period of 365 days (one year). Additional transfers must be submitted to MASS support, along with an accompanying explanation, explained further below.

A License transfer is defined as the process of deactivating or otherwise removing a license from one computer for the purpose of subsequently activating the aforementioned license on a different computer.

If a user is not in compliance with the License Transfer Policy, they are considered to be in breach of the End User License Agreement.

In the event that a license is activated on a computer that is not accessible for purposes of removing the license, the end user may submit a License Transfer Request (outlined below) by completing the online form, then having the request reviewed by MASS technical support.

Submitting a License Transfer Request

MASS support staff are available to assist the end user in transferring a license to a new computer. This process is initiated when the end user completes the License Transfer Request Form on this page. The contents of all form submissions are handled in accordance with the website privacy policy and reviewed by MASS technical support staff.

License Transfer Request submissions are reviewed by MASS technical support and the end user will receive a response within a period of thirty days.

It is at the sole discretion of technical support staff acting on behalf of NMDP to grant or deny and submitted license transfer requests.

MASS support staff may be employed by other associations and considered to be acting on behalf of NMDP for the purpose of enforcing this policy. Such associations include Canada Masonry Design Centre, who is approved by NMDP to be the authorized technical service provider.

If incorrect information is supplied through a transfer request form or is given to MASS support through any other communication, the account holder is in breach of the License Transfer Policy.

License Transfer Request Form

Unable to deactivate your license on your old computer? Did you try to remove the license yourself and get an error message? Transfers can be requested through the License Transfer Request form and are subject to  approval at the discretion of MASS support.

Complete the form below to submit your License Transfer application to MASS Support.

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