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How to get individual serial numbers from a very long list (for larger company orders)

Looking at a long string of text and note sure what to make of it? Let us help you!


Before transitioning to the new website, it used to be that staff would have to manually generate and assign each serial number. The new site communicates directly with the licensing server and gets you your licenses right away. Along with the nature of how we now package and sell licenses, getting all of your serial numbers delivered all at once is part of the new system. This is something we cannot change since the licenses are delivered from the server to the website as one continuous string as opposed to discrete variable strings for each serial number.

Fortunately, this is something that will only need to be done once since each license can now be used beyond the one year initial term.

How to get your individual licenses

This short video shows how to go about finding and separating the long string of text to get the individual licenses. If you have any questions, please contact support. We are always happy to assist!

These serial numbers can be found under the details of your Order, under the Account menu on the website head menu.

Once on the Orders page, click on the View option along the right hand side of the page. This will load the complete details of your orders, including the serisal numbers which were generated by our server:

Separating the Serial Numbers

Breaking down that larger string of text, each serial number is unique and separated by a semicolon (;) character. Three out of the five shown below are highlighted to illustrate how they are divided, where the other two in this case wrap from one line to the next.

You can copy and paste it into a new Word document (or other text editor like Notepad) and press enter to separate the string into a serial number for each line.

At this point, you can store and keep track of these whichever method you wish to use.

Have any Questions? Let us help!

Feel free to contact MASS support and request to have your list formatted and emailed to you. We 100% understand that this is a bug change and there might be a lot to navigate. Please reach out and let us get you moving to getting all of your users back up and running.

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