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MASS Version 4.2 Release Notification

Version 4.2 adds to the scope of what MASS is capable of handling

We are very excited to announce this new release, available immediately and for free to all current, active license holders. If you are currently using Version 4.1, you can upgrade to Version 4.2 at any time (download and installation instructions are available at the end of this post).

What’s New in Version 4.2?

Click here for the full change log to see all the new and exciting features that are a part of Version 4.2.

Axial Load on Conventional Construction Walls

CSA S304 allows designers to carry out a more comprehensive analysis in lieu of the axial load limit of 0.1f’m for conventional construction walls with a seismic hazard greater than 0.35.

MASS now has the ability to perform this comprehensive analysis. Users have the option to toggle this feature on or off.

More information about the Comprehensive Analysis can be found in this article.

Shear Deformation Component in Deflection Diagram

In version 4.2, MASS has added the capability to calculate the Shear Deformation. The shear deformation now gets included in the total elastic deformation and total drift calculations to provide more accurate results for the deflection of a wall.

Other Technical Updates

Other technical updates include the following:

  • Addition of Overturning Moment Reduction Factor
  • In-Plane Shear Design reverted back to how it was done before the release of Version 4.0
  • Deflection Limits for Cantilever Walls updated
  • Automatic calculation of the Fundamental Lateral Period
  • Use of Nominal Bar Sizes in the calculation of boundary element spacing requirements

More information about these changes can be found in the Change Log.

How to Upgrade

Anyone with a current, activated MASS license can upgrade to MASS Version 4.2 at no extra charge. New releases are included as part of keeping an active license, in addition to other benefits such as comprehensive technical support and course notifications.

To begin downloading MASS Version 4.2, click here to visit the downloads page