Getting started with using MASS is easy! You can download the software and begin designing once you have a valid license

This page walks through the process of adding a license package to your cart, proceeding to checkout, and applying payment credentials. If you find yourself stuck at any stage or have questions regarding how to purchase licenses or which package is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact support!

Part of a larger team?

Choose the right product for you and add it to your cart

Purchasing just for yourself? Click here to open the individual license purchase in a new tab. Individual licenses are the least expensive product available and can be used to get 1 engineer up and running with the design software.

Looking for a deal for your office? MASS licenses can be purchased in group packages that can be distributed among locations within locations as well as offer lower per-user pricing. A simple guide is available here which outlines the terms of these office packages as well as offers a summary of the cost breakdown for purchases and ongoing renewals.

Start by navigating to a product page

By hovering over the “Products” menu item, there are a number of areas with links to the different package options. Each product is listed under the “Licenses” heading” and also seem along the right panel.

These are also individually linked from the office package explanation page, linked here.

Once you have found the page for the product you are looking for...

Add the package to your cart

There is an Add to Cart button on each product page, highlighted below. The quantity can be adjusted for each package depending on the product and is limited for cases where a different product offers a cheaper purchase price. For example, the number of users for the individual license purchase can not be set to a number greater than 4 because the Small Office License Package gives software access to a group of 5 users at a cheaper rate.

After clicking Add to Cart, a panel slides in from the right side of your screen which shows a summary of everything in your shopping cart. This can also be seen by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the top right menu area.

The cart can be viewed on its own dedicated page where quantities can be adjusted or discounts applied by clicking the View Cart button.

Clicking Checkout will take you directly to the page where you can complete you order.

The cart page allows you to adjust quantities, remove added products, or apply discount codes.

Note that the products each consist of an initial purchase and an ongoing subscription renewal.

The Proceed to Checkout button on the bottom right area of the screen will take you to the stage where you can complete your order.

Everything in your order set up the way you want it?

You can now Proceed to Checkout

Clicking Proceed to Checkout from the Cart page or Checkout form the Cart slider panel brings you to the final screen where you must enter in all of your billing and shipment information.  Note that shipping information is used exclusively for purposes of charging the correct sales tax.

The Checkout screen has a number of input areas that are marked and outlined below:

Before you click 'Place Order', do you have any questions?

Contact us! We can help

Please contact support to have any and all questions answered before placing your order so that you can have confidence in getting the license package you want for the right price!

1. Billing Details

The billing details are also used to create the online account used for future account management after the purchase is made

This information must match that of the credit card being used.

If the user managing the account is not also the payment method card holder, they must have the credit card owner proceed with the purchase and share credentials or change the account information after the purchase has been completed.

Note that all correspondence including future software releases, subscription renewal reminders, and other updates are shared with the email address associated with this account so it is important that this is kept up to date to avoid service disruptions.

2. Order Details - Initial Purchase

This area outlines the total due today, when the order is processed. Not to be confused with the renewal portion which is scheduled annually, starting one year after the initial purchase date.

3. Order Details - Annual Renewal (starting next year)

This area outlines the total due one year from today. All software licenses options include an initial term and a subscription portion that continues at a discounted rate.

If you would not like to pay the subscription renewal fee, you can follow these steps to change the auto-renew settings.

Note that a license that is not renewed will no longer work and access to the MASS design software will be suspended.

4. Payment Method: Credit Card

Enter in the credit card details that are to be used to charge the order.

The details typed into the Billing Details area must match that of the payment method used.

Note that by paying with a credit card, you are agreeing to by default pay using the same card for future ongoing renewals. This can be changed by following the steps outlined here.

5. Subscribe to Newsletter

Select this option to be sent more updates regarding MASS. You will still be sent transaction related correspondence such as renewal reminders and receipts regardless.

6. Payment Method: Cheques (mailed to office)

Select this option to be sent more updates regarding MASS. You will still be sent transaction related correspondence such as renewal reminders and receipts regardless.

7. Shipping Details

This option is for cases where an account administrator is purchasing a license for someone else.

For example, if a company is purchasing a software license for a user in Ontario but the purchasing account (and corresponding billing credentials matching the payment method) are for a different product, specifying a shipping address will ensure that Ontario HST is applied.

8. Place Order

Select this option to be sent more updates regarding MASS. You will still be sent transaction related correspondence such as renewal reminders and receipts regardless.

Checked everything over? Now you are ready to order

Place your Order and get your Licenses

Once you have checked everything over, made sure that the details are correct, and you are purchasing the products that you intend to use, placing the order will cause the website o work for a few seconds, processing the order, contacting the license server, generate new licenses, and then send you a paid receipt.

The Order Complete screen, shown below, will give an order number, summary, and serial numbers which will be shown under Order Details.

Any questions about this process?

Please do not hesitate to contact MASS Technical Support if you need anything at all!

We understand that transitioning to a new website presents a number of questions and issues. Please send in your questions to technical support so that you can be confident that you are making the right purchase for you and your team.