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MASS Software Licenses are available in a variety of quantities to suit every type of design firm
Previously, it was required that office packages be distributed between only computers at that same physical office location…
This is no longer the case!

One company? One office package will do the job

With working remotely becoming part of more and more engineering teams across Canada, the restrictions on how the various office packages were divided have been opened up.

MASS Software Licenses are now available in five packaged quantities with reducing per-user costs with increasing office package sizes. While they can now be purchased and divided between different office locations, all licenses within a package are required all be used within the same company or corporate entity.

Not sure which package works best for your company?

Office Package Summary

Here is the breakdown of the possible office packages that are available for purchase and renewal. All prices, quantities, and per-user costs for each option are also included below:
Individual License:
$495 – renews at $297 (single user)
Small Office:
$1850 – renews annually for $1110 (5 users)

Renews at $222 annually per user

Medium Office:
$2950 – renews annually for $1770 (10 users)

Renews at $177 annually per user

Large Office:
$4950 – renews annually for $2970 (20 users)

Renews at $149 annually per user

Corporate Office:
$8250 – renews annually for $4950 (50 users)

Renews at $99 annually per user

Discounted rate only applicable to maintained subscriptions that have not expired.

Where any discrepancies exist between this page and the product page for each office package, the product page shall be applied.

Important Update!

Grouped Office Packages are no longer restricted from being shared between physical office locations.
You can now purchase one package to share between all engineering users within your company!
As long as licenses are shared within the same company or legal corporate entity, a single package can be purchased and renewed to obtain licenses that can be distributed between offices without regard to the physical location of each copy
Unsure which package or combination is best for you?

Contact MASS Support to get all the answers you are looking for. Provide us with the number of engineers you are looking to set up with software access to and we will lay out and recommend the least expensive option that suits your needs.

The office packages listed below renew annually at a 40% discount

Save money by keeping an active subscription. For example, the individual licenses are purchased at $495, but come time for renewal, it can be extended out an additional year for only $297

Displayed prices do not include applicable sales tax

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