Need to submit for approval? Generate a custom quote to have sent right to your inbox

If you are looking for formal documentation to submit for approval, you can use the “Request a Quote” feature to put together your order and have it sent as a quote to your inbox.
In order to have a quote sent by email, you must first create a list of products and their quantities that you would like to have included in the quote.
Start by finding one of the products you are interested in, clicking to navigate to its associated product page, then select the “Request a Quote” button to have it added to your custom built list.
By clicking the “Request a Quote” button on any of the linked product pages above, they will be added to your list, which can be viewed here.

Other things to note:

The quotes generated by the MASS website do not consider applicable sales tax as it does not consider the personal details of the person making the request. Sales taxes are based on the province of the account holder, with any differences between end user location to be accounted for and reported by the purchasing company.

Generated quotes provide a summary of the unit price of each item, as well as quantity which must be adjusted by the user. Multiple additions of the same item will increment the quantity counter.